FIH 220

Twentieth Century Art to the Sixties

This course will cover, in roughly chronological order, various influential movements in the visual arts during first six decades of the 20th century.The course will be a mixture of lecture and discussion.Pertinent issues to be explored include:the nature and uses of “primitivism,” the growth of spirituality, the emergence of artist collectives, tensions between abstraction and figuration, the writing of manifestos, tensions between the individual and the collective, artists’ responses to war and fascism, the exile of artists and the emergence of New York as an international centre of modern art.Students enrolling in the course can expect: 1) to become familiar with key moments in the history of modern art, 2) to debate important issues and art historical methodologies, 3) to develop descriptive analysis skills, 4) to begin to develop ways of experiencing – and writing about – modern art from their own perspectives. Student participation and questions are welcome and strongly encouraged throughout the course.

During the course a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts to view the Otto Dix exhibition will be scheduled.