FIN 235: Museology
This inter-disciplinary lecture/seminar course offers students an introduction to a range of theoretical approaches and contemporary developments in the field of Museology.

Topics for discussion include: the development of the public sphere; colonialism, nationalism and the growth of museums; idealist aesthetics and the art gallery; the construction of primitivism; museums and narratives of the nation; display and popular spectacle. Particular attention will be afforded to how display strategies mediate material culture, especially in today’s global context where debates about cultural property intensify. Through field visits students will gain firsthand knowledge of how museums generate ‘culture’ through collections and preservation-centred activities, and via exhibits, programs, and other forms of communication. To introduce students to these activities, we will speak with museum professionals in Sherbrooke, Montreal and New York to understand how cultural, scientific and historical knowledge is created and displayed in actual situations.