This course serves to prepare students to participate in the National Model UN Simulation in New York or on-line to be held in March 2021. POL 352 examines the processes and structures of the UN System and introduces students to rules and diplomatic practices of the UN bodies through seminars and simulations. The course will be divided into three parts. The first part will address the role of the UN. Students will be responsible to research the history, purpose, function and goals of the UN’s principal UN organs. The second part will focus on the NMUN. We will present the simulation’s rules of procedures, we will address the aim and format of UN resolutions and we will cover the challenges of running a committee. The third part will be devoted to gain a deeper understanding of the assigned country’s role, goals and position in each committee and vis a vis these committees’ agenda issues. As such, this course is not like a “normal” political science lecture or seminar course. It is a nexus between academia and practical application of lessons learned. This course is to be taken in the same calendar year as POL 354 in the Winter term.