The Rock/Pop Band Workshop brings together players of similar levels and goals to develop their skills as Rock/Pop players while working on core repertoire in different styles of modern music. It is appropriate for any player who wants to work on different styles and develop his creativity while learning how to act and interact in a professional context as a modern Rock/Pop musician or session player.

If being able to play an assigned part is expected by the instructor, students will also acknowledge different ways to play their instruments to find the right part in the different styles of music they are involved in.

Versatility is really important in the professional context of music and so, the instructor will bring existing arrangements that explore common traditional styles. We will also create collective reinterpretations of Rock/Pop music in new esthetics to develop our artistic skills.

While going through such different music, we will learn how to act and interact in live performance evolving regular monitoring but we will also experiment more complex context of the reality of today’s professional musicians such as playing in the “in-ear” closed network context with clic track, sequences, electronics devices, and talkback.

Your goal in these workshops should be to take you to the next level while enjoying working on your jazz with other like-minded students. Workshops are leveled through audition placement.

Rock on!