The Jazz/ Improv Workshop brings together players of similar levels and goals to develop as jazz improvisers while working on core repertoire in the standard and modern jazz canon. It is appropriate for any player who wants to work on applying improvisation specifics, including vocabulary, understanding chord changes, and developing a stronger sense of jazz style.

Classes are repertoire-driven, with an emphasis placed on learning and immediately applying the material.

The core repertoire tends to cover “jam session” to practice and review improvisation concepts and “real book” standards and genres. Courses go far beyond simply passing out a lead sheet and “jamming” on tunes. We will explore different styles of jazz by playing existing arrangements and by creating collective reinterpretations of jazz standards and modern music into “jazzlike” standards.

Your goal in these workshops should be to take you to the next level while enjoying working on your jazz with other like-minded students. Workshops are leveled through audition placement.

Jazz up your life!